They had assumed he was where he was supposed to be

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Canada Goose online Worst call I received: Part of my time in the military was as the canada goose outlet authentic only 911 dispatcher for the air base and the surrounding area. My very first unsupervised shift we had a F/A 18 crash into the nearby residential area. Fucking nightmare scenario from start to finish. A grandmother, mother, and two young children were killed in the house that it crashed into, I got the call from the son/husband/father who had just lost everything important in his life and had to try to get him to calm down enough so I could walk him through triaging and tending to his family while he waited canada goose outlet seattle outside the remains of his house for the army of first responders to get on scene. That canada goose jacket outlet toronto was a very long, very shitty day for everybody involved. Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale Worst calls I responded to: A call came in for an unresponsive child in base housing and because I was the patrol supervisor it was assigned to me. I showed up one minute before canada goose outlet 80 off the paramedics and the guy that canada goose outlet online was home didn seem all that distressed, more just defeated and annoyed. He takes me to the 4 month old who is pale, barely breathing, and completely unresponsive. canada goose outlet paypal Medical gets on scene, takes one look at the kid and almost immediately loads him into the ambulance and goes flying off to the hospital. Turns out what had happened was the piece of shit father was playing Call of Duty while his wife was at school and he was annoyed and frustrated at his infant son for crying so much while he was playing so he shook him so hard that he severed his spinal cord and caused internal bleeding in his brain. canada goose outlet houston The baby died the next morning in the hospital. He also had a 2 year old son that was upstairs playing and asked us where they were taking his brother. The father was sentenced to 20 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter and two counts of child canada goose outlet abuse causing great bodily injury. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Jackets The second one was during a “Health and Safety” canada goose outlet london check on a Marine that was in the canada goose outlet store new york process of separating from the service at canada goose outlet uk the end of his contract. He was scheduled to be attending a week long canada goose shop uk separations course that is supposed to teach you how to smoothly transition into civilian life and help get benefits set up. Like many things in the canada goose stockists uk military, that separations course often was less important than doing your day job and “supporting the mission” so people not showing up as scheduled was no cause canada goose outlet toronto address for alarm. I was the Patrol Supervisor working on a Friday afternoon some time in canada goose outlet in montreal August when we got a call from the Marine squadron asking us to go check his room because apparently he had never showed up to the class and was not at work the entire week. They had assumed he was where he was supposed to be, and the separations class assumed that he had to skip the class and was at work. Remember this is the middle of August, in southern California, in the infamously shitty Marine Corps barracks where A/C is something to look at, not something that actually works. The way these barracks are laid out is there are two individual rooms with heavy metal doors with a shared common area and bathroom, and then another heavy metal door to access the outside of the building. Turns out his roommate that was in the second room was on leave, otherwise we would have gotten a call a lot sooner. The moment we opened the first door we knew what had happened to the guy. Some time sunday night canada goose outlet belgium or monday morning he had hung himself in his closet and then baked all week in the 95 weather. A human body generates a lot of gasses and fluids when it decomposes, canada goose outlet store uk which can violently leave the body if it is shifted or disturbed, like say by cutting it down while hanging. Let me tell you, death is a smell that does not wash out of clothes. We burned them all. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance sale Don really remember any that I would consider “best” calls. A good call was a call where I didn need to break out the medical protocol book. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store Thousands of stupid calls though, like people calling to say that they think we being invaded because they can hear fighter jets in the air, while living outside of an air base. There also the guy that called 911 because he was stuck inside the canada goose outlet eu gate of a storage facility and wanted us to come get him out somehow. He had the facility canada goose outlet location manager phone number but didn want to wake him up canada goose factory outlet vancouver in the middle of the night, he rather us come out and tear the gate down. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet Oh, speaking of stupid, we had a very obviously civilian guy flag down one of our patrol units in canada goose outlet mississauga the barracks to see if they could get help pushing a motorcycle up a ramp and into a uhaul. Him and his father were out walking in the fall, in the woods, never got full full story. Tree randomly falls, atop his father head killing him instantly. Boy aged around 13 or so, calls 911 and is canada goose outlet london uk freaking out. I advise him and walk him through CPR, he tells me there is blood gushing out the back of his father head. Canada Goose Outlet

canadian goose jacket Ok father is dead, the boy is now the pt and I trying to keep him calm and make him feel like he at least tried. I spoke with him for 15 mins until the medics got there. He cried and cried, he was confused at where he was and the worst thing ever canadian goose jacket.

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