Above all, an editor is an appropriate adult

Tejpal the human may be reborn

canada goose coats You canada goose outlet store calgary don’t have much of a shot if the only voice you hear is yours and the only thoughts you know are yours. Many humans have felled themselves thus. Tarun J Tejpal, singed by the canada goose outlet mall limelight a second time, is only the most recent. canada goose coats

Canada Goose sale It matters canada goose outlet price not if he and the younger woman he was with were flirting. It is of no consequence if the CCTV footage from Goa shows him and her in a canada goose outlet mississauga friendly sexual encounter. All the footage can do, if Tejpal’s version of what happened is accurate, is keep him canada goose outlet location physically out of prison. He will find it far more difficult to exit the confines of the moral dungeon he has locked himself in. Canada Goose sale

canada goose store Tejpal is a wordsmith. He has sharp journalism instincts. He is a good judge of talent. He is articulate. He hates rules. He is comfortable with chaos. He doesn’t give a damn. I have worked with him a few years. We have had our moments; we’ve had our differences. We are not friends. We are not foes. canada goose store

canada goose deals The younger woman in this powerful human moment is sharp. She has chutzpah. She is articulate. I have worked in the newsroom of the Tehelka magazine with her briefly. She didn’t report to me. I knew her father as a colleague. She and I are not friends. We are not foes. That is where I’m coming from when I write this. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Parka The canada goose outlet near me spiritual bankruptcy Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance sale Truth is simple. Truth has legs. Truth is difficult canada goose outlet factory to cap. The truth here is that this is the moment of spiritual bankruptcy for Tejpal. The dispute over the mutual consensus of the man and the woman involved in this case is a legal canada goose vest outlet issue. Being an editor is not about seeking legal sanction of character. canada goose clearance sale

A newsroom is the most sacred space on the planet. Not because gods populate it. Not because the people in a newsroom are without flaws. It is most sacred because it is the place you go to canada goose outlet florida when all else fails. In a civilised society the courts dispense justice. canada goose outlet woodbury When the judges fail you, you go to an editor.

An editor is a repository of wisdom, courage, skill and clarity. There is no mismatch between their words and their deeds. Above all, an editor is an appropriate adult. Tejpal will know he probably is not. canada goose outlet store toronto He will know that you are what you do when no one is looking. If the internal compass is dysfunctional, the rest doesn’t matter much.

Canada Goose Outlet It is important canada goose outlet to get a sense of a man like Tejpal. He was the biggest journalist in independent India’s history after Operation West End, a sting operation that established deep corruption in India’s defence establishment. It was Indian journalism’s biggest story a sort of desi equivalent of the reportage on the Watergate Scandal. It was done when Tejpal helmed Tehelka in its early days. Canada Goose Outlet

Former Lok canada goose sale uk Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said that canada goose outlet jackets Tejpal ought to be conferred with the Bharat Ratna after Operation West End. Chatterjee is probably thankful now that no one took him seriously. But such was Tejpal. Everyone knew about him and canada goose outlet houston his deeds. He was a hero.

Canada Goose Jackets Unscrambling a human being is a task that knows no perfection. There’s always something to prove you wrong. There are a few universal yardsticks though. How a man https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com behaves with women, how he conducts himself with those in his employ, how he deals with the younger canada goose outlet winnipeg generation, how he generally comes across as. Canada Goose Jackets

The change in stance

The choice of Tejpal’s words to describe his encounter with a younger colleague is our best barometer here. Let’s take a look at what is in public domain and has not been contested thus far. First, from Tejpal’s email to Shoma Chaudhury, who reported to Tejpal as managing editor canada goose parka outlet and who is now acting editor of Tehelka.

Tejpal’s email to Chaudhury has canada goose outlet michigan two sentences of import.

canadian goose jacket “A bad lapse of judgment, an awful misreading of the situation, an unfortunate incident that rails against all we believe in and fight for.” canadian goose jacket

“It is tragic that in a lapse of judgment I have hurt our own high principles.”

Then there is the woman’s account of what happened, which attributes the following sentences to Tejpal.

“It’s alright to be in love with more than one person.”

canada goose black friday sale “Well, this is the easiest way for you to keep your job.” canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale “The universe is telling us something.” canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap “I don’t give a fk about Bob. How could you tell xxxx what happened?” buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose “She’s my daughter. Do you even understand what the word means?” canada goose

“I hope you told xxxx that it was just drunken banter, and nothing else.”

canada goose clearance “I can’t believe u went and mentioned even the smallest thing to her. What an absence of any understanding of a parent child relationship.” canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket “Oh is that so? canada goose outlet store uk I cherished you like one of my best canada goose outlet vip kids always, all these years; and because of one drunken banter you so easily say these awful things.” buy canada goose jacket

“Don’t think I’ve been more saddened canada goose outlet ontario in the longest time”

And then his emailed replies to questions canada goose jacket outlet uk from The Indian Express.

“It is a totally mendacious account of what happened, in canada goose factory outlet its details, in its tonalities, in its very suggestion of non consensus.”.

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