As she’s strolling alongside an unnamed bartender during the

Parker, Jayson Smith as Officer Herb, Claude Phillips as Claude, Clay Chappell as Councilperson, Tony Vaughn as Councilperson, Tony Vaughn as Councilperson, Daniel Burnley as Councilperson, Jack Davidson as Councilperson, Alisa Pettit as Councilperson, Tracy Goode as Judge, Clayton Landey as Coach Guerntz, John Still as Track Official, Brian Durkin as Big Cowboy, Amber Wallace as Instructor, Sandra Ellis Lafferty as Mrs. Allyson (as Sandra Lafferty), D. Dylan Schettina as Drive In Bus Boy, Blair Jasin as Bobby, Jasmine Cook as Car Accident Victim, Reece Thomas as Car Accident Victim, Ivey Lowe as Car Accident Victim, Anna Marie Dobbins as Car Accident Victim, Kevin Renard Fisher as Woody’s Cousin, Andrew Ruark as Cotton Gin Worker, Travis Young as Big Bubba, Jamal Sims as Kegger D.

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