They get along very well as neither claims a higher level of

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Live in LifeLeading a good life is essential for health, love, wealth and our contribution to others in our community. Of course that community just might want to include our whole world. Let us take a second to see the difference between world and earth. Or we could say, globe, planet earth. But for me “world” somehow includes humanity “more” than “earth does”. And so many religions have deep ties to the meaning of earth as dirt. Maybe the most known concept in the world regarding earth is something that is really not a direct Biblical quote: Ashes to ashes and dirt to dirt. Genesis 3? Kind of like canada goose outlet online uk we are grown in dirt and return there in passing.

canada goose coats on sale So above we can see that the physical is mentioned in world and earth. But for some reason they do not seem to encompass the spirit. Maybe our spirits are not of this world. That sounds good for a sound bite but it lacks the ability to undergo scrutiny. Art for instance is part of this world from song to painting and more. Certainly our beliefs canada goose outlet toronto location and faiths are part of this world. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats It is well and good to consider love as part of this world. However we would say that the greatest teacher of love ever canada goose coats uk was not “part of this world”. I never really have bought into the notion that humans are not part of our natural order. Man bad other animals good? However we note that we are a canada goose outlet usa very tiny part of that considering that dinosaurs lasted millions and millions of years. And if you go all scientific on us, man maybe 100,000 years and cockroaches only about 300 million years. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose I have friends that question my faith because I believe rock formations canada goose outlet kokemuksia can be 1 billion years old. I am always just amazed at that. I believe in God and if God wants to make canada goose outlet florida rocks 1 billion years old, I am sure he is fully capable of that. So right back around to “earth” and “world”. Hmm, are earth and world different in their creation? cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale Don’t look at me for answers. I suggest you look inside for answers of such importance to our spiritual growth. And that concludes this portion of the sermon. Many would say that paying attention to such thoughts gets in the way of life. Again don’t look at me, I think love gets in the way of life sometimes. canada goose black friday sale

PeaceSo there is a husband and wife. One is very learned in matters of the spirit. The other, not so much. However the one “not so much” goes to church religiously. And the learned one does not so much. They get along very well as neither claims a higher level of piety. The one pretty much goes with a full head of faith and acceptance of rituals and mainstream preaching. The other goes with a full head of faith and acceptance of differences in preaching.

canadian goose jacket So canada goose premium outlet we wonder about our happy couple. Is one maybe letting life get in the way of the spirit and love within us? Is the other not getting into life enough to let the light burn within and without? Perhaps that is a stupid “chicken of egg” first question. canada goose womens outlet But not to me because I place my spirituality in front of me. I can’t so much as go into a grocery store without my love beating me there. canada goose outlet paypal Don’t get me canada goose jacket outlet uk wrong I still like to shuck and jive with the canada goose discount uk world. I like learning from folks who think their ideas and ways are the only correct ones. That takes somewhat rude prodding. Or nowadays we might call that brutal honesty or even the opposite of co dependency. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap So why do we give a darn about all this mumbo jumbo about thoughts that will never change our lives as in “a” life? Speaking solely for me I get tangled up. Love is right there guiding me but canada goose jacket outlet toronto I get all into the day to day. Here is an example; “I have to wash my wife’s car”. Instead of “I get canada goose outlet new york to clean that baby so my baby can look good and be happy, don’t forget the inside part the door ‘jam’ “. That first is outside/life and the second inside/life. I am happy with one and not happy with the other one, even though it is the same chore. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Here is a fun one just to giggle at. Trudging actually means to walk with a purpose. Which most likely is a part of spirituality. Sprinting is to get to the end as fast as you can. Is life getting in the way of love here. We think “sprinting” good, “trudging” bad. Go figure. (really think about trudging, it is like a walk through life with purpose yet difficult at times)

Canada Goose sale Maybe the first two canada goose outlet sale parts here are kind of boring. Canada Goose sale

canada goose store Exercise That LoveConfused and confusion are two different things. One who cannot understand another person’s position or otherwise have canada goose outlet empathy get confused by others. Some will often use “confused” to mean that they have confusion in their position. I can confuse you because you cannot possible see canada goose outlet 2015 my point of view. You have “confusion” if you cannot see your point of view. So if you say you are confused by this sermon it would mean that it made you question your own thoughts and you are confused as to what they are in questioning them. canada goose store

canada goose clearance sale My young son confuses me because he thinks independently without direction from life experience. And what that really means is that he makes me question my life’s engrained faith and pre suppositions. This is partially why children are our greatest teachers. (check out Luke 2, a great story about a child teacher) canada goose clearance sale

canada goose clearance This really kind of spells it out. Life really cannot canada goose outlet los angeles get canada goose outlet in vancouver in the way of love unless we choose to let it. If you want to go sit on a mountain top and do beautiful mantras for years on end, I suggest you do that. But do not pretend that you are really like a radio station sending your love out into the world and galaxy. canada goose clearance

One of the most critical parts of love is the “lantern” part. The being a light onto the world. You simply canada goose outlet black friday cannot be a light for others without being in “life”. Of course we can pray for others and send our angels and love to them in our deep meditative state. But dudes, check it out. There is a saying that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. That is a load. Make him thirsty and he will drink. What difference is man. By interaction with love to our fellows we can make them thirsty for the spirit of love within us. Not really a coveting but more a synergistic desire to have what love offers. And love has that crazy truth that the more you take and the more you give the more everyone has. This kind of stuff makes canada goose jacket outlet store me all happy inside. And I think all happy outside. Perhaps not a happy but canada goose outlet store new york rather a joyous.

How about not doing handouts but doing hand ups. Not pushups but pullups. We teach that teamwork is exponentially more powerful than going at it on your own. Maybe like for every two you can do the work of ten alone?

And if we canada goose parka uk carry our love into the world and share their life’s burden by spreading the love around, we can do one thousand times more than all by ourselves. Get your love torch out and light the way.

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canada goose deals But it clears the question about whether or not our love is more instantaneous. I believe it is. Love reaches more corners of the world and faster than our internet. Love is faster than electronics.6 hours ago from New Delhi, India canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket Your Sermons are always so inspirational, and this one is no different. I enjoyed going through it. Your explanations about the Earth, the World and so on are beautiful. Love is the core and there is no doubt about that. Loving fellow human beings is in fact loving canada goose outlet boston the Supreme. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets Thanks Denise, I always love your comments and articles. I had not thought about the exhaustion part. You are so right. Why would it be we are more tired at night on a Monday? : ) Canada Goose Jackets.