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cheap jordans online More than 465,000 Syrians have been killed in the fighting, over a million injured, and over 12 million half the country’s prewar population have been displaced.Arab Spring:In 2011, successful uprisings that became known as theArab Spring toppled Tunisia’s and Egypt’s presidents. This gave hope to Syrian pro democracy activists.That March, peaceful protests erupted in Syria as well, after 15 boys were detained and tortured for writing graffiti in cheap jordans 7 support of the Arab Spring. One of the boys, a 13 year old,waskilled after cheap and real jordans having been brutally tortured.The Syrian government, led by PresidentBashar al Assad,responded to the protests by killing hundreds of demonstrators and imprisoning many more.In July 2011, defectors cheap jordans for sale online free shipping from the military announced the formation of the Free Syrian Army, a rebel group aiming to overthrow the government, and Syria began to slide into civil war.While the protests in 2011 were mostly non sectarian, the armed conflict surfaced starker sectarian divisions. cheap jordans online

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